Amazing GreyHeller UI engineers – working their magic to reinvent PeopleSoft

Jennifer, Ashley and Nick are doing some seriously great work re-imagining PeopleSoft’s UI. Their work in creating a whole new look for PeopleSoft is behind our a-ha moment – PeopleSoft, Reinvented.

We believe PeopleSoft is still the best ERP system on the planet. However, the hundreds of PS customers we know all have a love-hate relationship with their PeopleSoft systems. They love the way it works and its flexibility but hate the user experience.

We originally hired our superstar UI engineers to update the UI of our industry leading mobile solution, PeopleMobile®. With Jennifer in the lead, the UI engineering team did such an awesome job that we realized we could apply the same techniques to the PS desktop experience and completely re-invent PeopleSoft.

When we pitched this our key customers their response was totally enthusiastic. In their minds what we’re doing is making PeopleSoft pages responsive to whatever the access device might be – mobile phone, tablet, desktop.

So…..drumroll……PeopleSoft, Reinvented.

May 21, 2014
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Hendrix Bodden By Hendrix Bodden

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