PeopleUX Enables Users to Complete Core HCM Transactions with Ease – From Anywhere, on Any Device:

Adds modern and engaging images to existing PeopleSoft pages, re-imagining the overall look and feel

Removes extraneous page text, while making calls to action clearly defined and easier to navigate

Adds self-guided features and directions to ensure that a user does not forget where they are in the process or neglect to submit their choices

Employs a mobile-responsive UI that adjusts accordingly to different form factors – ensuring that the transaction is optimized for the device being used

Key Use Cases

Key Features

  • Tightly Coupled with PeopleSoft
  • Responsive for all form factors
  • Cross platform/browser compatibility
  • Compatible on assistive technologies including JAWS
  • Light weight, rapid Implementation

Take 6-minutes To Learn How You Can Revolutionize The Benefits Enrollment Process

Key Benefits

Shortened Approval Cycles

As your organization continues to introduce NEW benefits plans, designed to have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line, ensure their roll-out is effective and efficient.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Reduce the time needed for employees to participate in the enrollment process. Allow them to get back to their strategic priorities sooner!

Maximize Your Investment In SCM Systems

Reduce the strain on your HR/IT support team during the open enrollment period and throughout the year while onboarding new employees.


Data Sheet

PeopleSoft User Experience and Mobility for Human Capital Management