Key Challenges:

Misaligned Digital Expectations

eProcurement transactions are not fully optimized for usability and visual aesthetic. As a result, organizations may see a high rate of transaction abandonment.

Non-mobile Transactions

PeopleSoft eProcurement pages are not optimized for mobile devices. As a result, viewing or performing transactions on such devices can cause unnecessary delays.

Negative Impact on Business Operations

Lack of a mobile friendly can cause delays in approvals, resulting in operational inefficiency. Moreover, without a proper purchasing process in place, managers may rush through approvals without proper scrutiny. This can lead to inaccurate approvals, losses and more.

Lack of Fluid UI Rollout

PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management is built in the Classic layout which is not optimized for mobile devices. Since the release of Fluid for SCM is unannounced, users can remain deprived of a much-needed mobile experience that is essential for productivity and better time management.

Key Use Cases

Key Features

  • Consolidated Menus
    PeopleUX applies an intuitive layout that uses descriptive icons and displays related links in a lightbox for clarity, allowing end users to navigate easily and find the transactions they need quickly.
  • Mobile UI
    Deliver PeopleSoft SCM to your employees wherever they are – on all form factors. The mobile-responsive and tablet friendly UI of PeopleUX allows you to scale your eProcurement functionality more effectively and allow your users to participate in the purchasing/requisition process on mobile devices.
  • Streamlined Requisition Entry
    PeopleUX re-imagines the user experience of eProcurement by applying a “cloud-like” user experience, designed with rapid data entry and time efficiency in mind
  • Color-coded notifications
    Requisition requests are auto-grouped by functions, and notifications are color-coded to help managers prioritize urgent requests.

Key Benefits

Shortened Approval Cycles

With a reduced number of clicks, engaging layout and a mobile-responsive interface, users can perform requisition transactions in less time – improving employee satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency.

Shortened Approval Cycles

Well-organized requisition requests and color-coded notifications allow business leaders to prioritize approvals based on importance and make accurate and quicker approval decisions.


Solution Brief

PeopleSoft Fluid UI Enablement