Key Challenges:

Additional Development Skills

Prolonged approval cycles disrupt business operations. By shortening the time required to approve purchases your business can become more agile and productive, limiting waste.

Selective Roll-Out

Since Fluid pages are released each year, many transactions still feature a mix of Fluid, Classic and Classic Plus pages. Since each version looks and feels differently, an inconsistent user experience can occur resulting in user dissatisfaction.

Existing Customizations

Over 95% of PeopleSoft customers have created customizations in various pages – these customizations must be rebuilt in Fluid, which can extend an adoption project’s timeline.

Adaptive UI

Fluid is an adaptive UI, meaning it leverages pre-set form factors (small, medium, large, and extra-large) and finds the closest fit. With a wide-range of devices (with various sizes) on the market, this can result in pages not fitting certain screen parameters.

Key Use Cases

Key Features

  • Consistent UI/UX across all transactions
    PeopleUX optimizes 100% of PeopleSoft pages (including existing customizations), so you can take the look and feel of Fluid and extend it across all pages. Thus, providing a 100% consistent experience for your users.
  • Mobile-Responsive UI
    PeopleUX is a truly responsive UI, meaning a completely device agnostic experience. PeopleSoft will look exactly the way you want, no matter what device is being used
  • Rapid Implementation with ZERO Complexity
    Additional development resources are not needed, as PeopleUX re-renders PeopleSoft’s existing HTML. PeopleUX plugs directly into the web server allowing for implementations that are a matter of weeks, not months.


Solution Brief

PeopleSoft Fluid UI Enablement