Key Challenges for student engagement with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions:

Misaligned Digital Expectations

Increased reliance on mobile applications that are optimized for usability (intuitive, self-guided, etc.) has significantly impacted students’ expectations as they perform tasks digitally. These expectations can be misaligned with administrators who leverage applications that have not undergone modern usability testing.

Non-Intuitive Transactions

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions pages are text-heavy, which can have a negative impact on the usability of certain transactions. This can be exacerbated when accessing pages on various form-factors – thus resulting in a confusing experience that can lead to abandonment of important academic transactions.

Increased Support Requests

Students abandoning self-service transactions can result in the need for additional registrar, academic counseling, financial aid, etc. resources to support more in-person appointments and support calls to administration offices.

Disengaged Students

While campus administrators leverage email and physical mail as their primary mode of communication, students have gravitated more towards instant messaging mediums. The gap between what students prefer, and how campus administrators are trying to reach them results in important information being overlooked. Missing critical academic notifications can cause students to fall behind on administrative obligations, thus negatively effecting outcomes.

Key Use Cases

Key Features

  • User Experience
    PeopleUX by Appsian transforms PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to provide a uniform, visually engaging user experience. By delivering a simplified and self-guided UX, PeopleUX meets students’ digital expectations and empowers them to perform self-service transactions promptly without any guidance.
  • Mobile-Responsive UI
    PeopleUX optimizes the look and feel of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions across all form-factors – taking into account the device being used and rendering a UI that is responsive and engaging.
  • Personalized Communications
    Leveraging the data in your institution’s student information system, Messaging Center by Appsian delivers personalized communications to students via multiple mediums like SMS, push notifications, and email. Campus administrators can leverage these communications to prompt students to take specific actions such as: resolve an academic hold, pay a fee, visit their academic advisor, enroll in a class, and more.


Solution Brief

PeopleSoft Fluid UI Enablement