CarolinaGo Mobile App Single Day Downloads Hit 2,000

According to Kate Hash, Manager of ITS Communications at UNC Chapel Hill, “Up until Friday, our largest download month had been 600 downloads of the app. On Friday alone, we had 2,000. It is clear that ConnectCarolina is adding a value to the app and that the students are now discovering the app because they want to use ConnectCarolina.”

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August 31, 2015
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Hendrix Bodden By Hendrix Bodden

PeopleSoft and the Future of ERP

In this two-part series, GreyHeller founders and former, early PeopleSoft Technical Strategists, Larry Grey and Chris Heller will discuss ERP trends and how they affect PeopleSoft customers. Part I will discuss Gartner’s recently published 2015 Strategic Road Map for Postmodern ERP and how the opportunities and challenges affect PeopleSoft customers.  Part II will be a demo-intensive session showing how GreyHeller customers are meeting these challenges today.

Part I
July 15  •   11am PST

According to Gartner, Monolithic ERP solutions are being deconstructed into postmodern ERP that will result in a more federated, loosely coupled ERP environment with much of the functionality sourced as cloud services or via business process outsourcers.  This direction is driven by a need to support strategic, organization-wide functionality that is more flexible, secure, integrated, and modern.

Where does this leave you as a PeopleSoft customer?  Do you need to replace PeopleSoft to achieve the architecture and benefits to drive your organization in the future, or do you have an option to leverage it along with other cloud-based solutions?

This session will answer these questions as well as describe how PeopleSoft can be part of a hybrid approach to utilizing PeopleSoft and the cloud:

  • Where PeopleSoft fits
  • Integration considerations, including data and security
  • User experience modernization
  • Lifecycle Management and compliance
  • Control over functionality and infrastructure 
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Part II
July 29   •   11am PST

This session will discuss how GreyHeller customers are utilizing our technology today to utilize PeopleSoft effectively in their postmodern ERP roadmap.  This demo-intensive session will include customer case studies and product demonstrations that illustrate how to flexibly and safely retain your PeopleSoft investment by evolving its role from being a monolithic application to a key component of your hybrid ERP architecture.

  • Security:  how to protect your most sensitive data and processes in an ever-evolving cybercrime landscape

  • Identity Management:  how to leverage multiple identity providers for your different constituents — Candidates, Vendors, Employees using solutions such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Azure, and on-premise resources

  • User Experience:  how to provide a seamless solution that is modern, looks consistent across cloud and on-premise components, and is easy to use

  • Flexibility:  how to evolve the functionality you deploy rapidly

  • Lifecycle Management:  how to keep up with new updates (driven by regulatory or business value requirements) while keeping a low TCO

  • Integration:  how to control all of the integrations between each of the component

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GreyHeller UX Engineering Team Modernizes Legacy ERP Systems

San Ramon, California – February 4, 2015 – GreyHeller, LLC, provider of the leading Modernization and Security software for legacy ERP systems, today announced creation of a UX Engineering team tasked with modernizing and mobilizing legacy ERP systems. These user experience experts work directly with legacy ERP customers to create a more modern experience for their existing systems, leveraging GreyHeller’s award winning Responsive Design ERP transformation platform.

GreyHeller’s Responsive Design transformation platform eliminates customizations and – in a single code line – makes legacy ERP responsive for desktops, smartphones and tablets.

“The main reason organizations replace their legacy ERP is because of user dissatisfaction with the user interface. This capability changes the game in ERP replacements and upgrades. Our customers save millions of dollars by avoiding expensive rip-and-replace scenarios and eliminate the risk of a failed ERP project by delivering a totally modern ERP while maintaining the underlying processing and security,” Hendrix said.

GreyHeller’s UX engineers have built compelling user experiences for innovative technology providers of consumer and commercial applications. Their award winning designs are in use by millions of people around the world.

“Everyone – employees, students, customers, vendors – wants their ERP systems experience to be as compelling as the applications they use in their everyday lives. We’re excited to bring the latest technology and user experience techniques to legacy ERP customers,” said Jennifer Goncalves, GreyHeller’s Director of User Experience.

GreyHeller’s Responsive Design ERP transformation platform can be implemented in 90-days at a fraction of the cost of a new ERP system implementation and integrates seamlessly with GreyHeller’s Security software product, ERP Firewall, to protect ERP sensitive data from cybercrime.

About GreyHeller

GreyHeller’s award winning software modernizes and secures legacy ERP systems. ERP Firewall protects ERP sensitive data from cyber criminals. PeopleMobileÒ modernizes and mobilizes legacy ERP platforms, giving customers an option to costly system replacement. GreyHeller’s products are used by nearly 100 customers worldwide across all industries.

February 4, 2015
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Hendrix Bodden By Hendrix Bodden